Greenzone (DVD Review)

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One of Bruce Springsteen’s songs a few decades ago was about war, he sung the words ‘War – what is it good for – absolutely nothing’.

Every war movie has their fans and their enemies. I love my war movies and always will, but some people are against any type of war.

Greenzone has a mix of both really.

It is set during the Iraq War and involves the American troops. The movie is based on the book Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rujiv Chandreasekaran.

I enjoyed the movie but all the way through it felt like déjà vu.

After watching all the Bourne series I was interested to see if Matt Damon could pull this movie off.

He plays the part of Chief Warrant Officer Ray Miller who follows orders until those orders really start to become a problem and he goes off on a bit of a bender. His character is a lot like Jason Bourne from the Bourne series of movies, and of course the director is Paul Greengrass who directed the Bourne series.

It is a really good political thriller mixed with war type movie but I felt it didn’t really reach its full potential.

Reviewed by Shona


‘Go Slow France’ by Alastair Sawday

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Go Slow France by Alastair Sawday is a visual feast.

This travel guide celebrates the Slow philosophy of embracing all that is local, natural, traditional, sensory and gratifying.

It provides a selection of special places to stay and includes tips for walking and bike riding in France and exploring the national and regional parks.

The guide is broken up into regions and provides detailed information on special places to stay in each region. Each entry is comprehensively described and illustrated with tantalizing colour photographs of not just the properties but also the owners, their families and their pets.

Each entry provides a vignette of the owners and their interpretation of the Slow movement.

Whether you are about to embark upon a trip to France or are just after an ‘armchair experience’ this book will be a welcome addition to your travel reading.

Reviewed by Robyn

Kevin Mc Clouds’ Grand Tour of Europe

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Kevin McClouds’ Grand tour of Europe is a wonderful romp following in the footsteps of the wealth young English men of the 17th through to the 19th century ‘on grand tour’.

The author is interested in uncovering the tour experience’s of Britain’s foremost architects of the age – Inigo Jones, Christopher Wren and the Scottish Adam family and the mark they left on the architectural face of Britain.

He visits Paris, Genoa, Venice, Florence, Rome, Naples and Athens looking at the works of Michelangelo and Palladio among others.

Visits of the opera and a chance to make Parmesan cheese take place in Parma while along the way he also explores the brothels, bathhouses and drinking dens frequented by the ‘grand tourist’.

Among the ancient Greek ruins of Athens the author experiments with a camera obscure and explores the excavations of Herculaneum and Pompeii.

He completes his journey by traveling  back to London via the Italian Alps perched atop a not so comfortable sedan chair.

Reviewed by Robyn


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Abused as a child. Homeless as a teenage. Meet the New Zealander of the Year 2010!

Meet A Rebel with a Cause, refusing to be beaten by life, and helping to save others world-wide with Kiwi ingenuity from his garage!

Bookings: 474 3690 or

Friday 20 August 2.00pm, Mosgiel Library
Friday 20 August, 5.30pm, 4th Floor, City Library

Cash and credit book sales available

Saucy Reading: Ding Dong @ Dunedin Public Libraries

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Saucy Reading: Ding Dong @ Dunedin Public Libraries

Originally uploaded by Dunedin Public Libraries

2 husbands, 2 wives, 1 maid, 1 call girl, 1 apartment in Paris…

Ding Dong is a hilarious French farce guaranteed to get you hot under the collar.

A free sneak preview from the Fortune Theatre.

Light refreshments and an opportunity to mix with the cast afterward.

Thursday 12 August 12.30pm, Ground Floor, City Library

Children’s Choice – August 2010

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The latest issue of Children’s Choice has been published and contains a good list of books for kids spanning fiction, non-fiction, picture books as well as news updates from staff working in the children’s area.

Head over to our library website to read the latest issue.

Aramoana Poem

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Recently we received the following email from a former Dunedin resident:

Hi there,

I’m an Australian writer who lived in Dunedin for ten years in the 1970s. I’m now based in London. I believe you have my books in your library – published by Virago.

When I lived in Dunedin I worked at the Evening Star newspaper as a journalist, and covered the story about a Swiss businessman who arrived in the city to promote the establishment of an aluminium smelter at Aramoana.

I became heavily involved in the campaign to stop the smelter, and was thrilled when the area was declared a National Park some years later.

I recently wrote a poem called Aramoana and thought you might like to read it and share it with library members.

Here’s the link to my web site where it is currently posted:

Best Wishes,

Maree Giles

Bookbus change of location – Green Island: Friday 6.00pm – 7.30pm

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The Bookbus stop on Main South Road in Green Island has moved to the opposite side of the road, from Friday July 2 2010.

The new stop is outside the Plunket and the NZ PostShop buildings, opposite its previous location. There has been no change to the timetable.

This change was made because a new pedestrian crossing is being installed close to the previous bookbus stop, making it too small to share with ORC buses.
View Larger Map & List of Stops

NB Issue 10 – July / August 2010

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The latest issue of Dunedin Public Libraries publication NB is now available at any branch of the DPL network and also online as a downloadable .pdf document.

Where The Wild Things Are DVD

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I grew up with the book this movie is based on, in fact I still have it sitting on a bookshelf at home, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Would it be a true representation of the book, or would it take some liberties – as movies sometimes do (to keep us interested?)  And would the murmuring I had heard be true – was Max really being portrayed as a hyperactive, annoying, badly behaved child?

But tried to put any pre-conceived ideas out the window, and I’m glad I did – I really enjoyed the 97 minutes I spent watching it!

Max was definitely a naughty kid – and this was perhaps a bit over-emphasised – but I couldn’t help but look at him and see a normal, imaginative boy underneath the costume.

However on the whole the movie was as close to the book version as it could get and the parts that did change (particularly the fact that Max runs away, instead of simply being shut in his room and imagining the world away) were very well adapted.

I loved the fact that you could find little similarities between the real world and the imaginary lands – the big balls of sticks, the model city and more and more each time I looked.  Even some of the sayings echoed each other, particularly the line “You’re out of control!” which is said by Max’s Mum to him, Max to Carol and KW to Carol.

The soundtrack to the movie was a high point for me, it really tied the whole thing together and gave context to the scenes.

I loved the fact that it was actually quite believable – even though it wasn’t realistic – and I could lose myself in it.

The only bit I found utterly irritating was Max’s teacher, near the start of the movie, who told the children the world would end!  And I must admit to having tears in my eyes near the end, but I won’t say much more – don’t want to spoil things for anyone!

This is admittedly an adults view on a children’s movie, but I think it would be enjoyed by young and old alike (although maybe not too young.)

Make sure you check out the Special Features too – I wouldn’t normally comment on them, but these ones are quite enjoyable to watch.


Check and see if it’s available at the moment here.  See if we have any other items relating to this title available at the moment here.

Reviewed by Joy

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