Latest Craft Books added to our collection

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image - book coverAlways popular we have a selection of new craft books for you to choose from.

Non-Fiction – Feature Author – Alexa Johnston

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image - Alexa JohnstonAfter completing a master’s degree in Art History at the University of Auckland, Alexa Johnston spent nineteen years as a curator at Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki and is now a freelance writer and curator.

Allergy Awareness Week 17-23 May

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image - allergy resources at Dunedin Public LibrariesWant to know more about Allergy Awareness?

New Zealand has one of the highest prevalence of allergic disease in the developed world, affecting up to 20 per cent of the population, mainly young people of working age and their children. – allergy awareness / resources

Non-Fiction – Feature Author – Lloyd Spencer Davis

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image - author - llyod davisLloyd Spencer Davis is a Dunedin author and filmmaker.

He has been writing, producing and directing documentaries for 20 years, and his films have won numerous international awards.

Discover more about Lloyd Davis and his many books in our collection by visiting our website.

Hugh Falkus: A Life on the Edge by Chris Newton

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The author has done a remarkably good job of portraying Falkus.

This will almost certainly remain the definitive biography of Hugh Falkus –  an often arrogant and difficult man who will remain one of the greats among angling personalities, writers and film makers.

His specialty was the sea trout while his achievements in writing and film- making were impressive.

Falkus was a colourful person there can’t be any doubt about that.

Shot down in his spitfire, prisoner of war, actor, film-maker, author, four times married outdoorsy type,fly fisherman,wildfowler… Faulkus, surprisingly, did end up a comparatively happy man living a simple and wholesome life.

It seems rather a pity that he didn’t live here in New Zealand, his life would almost certainly have been less complicated.

There would have been far less stress and strain on him and a great deal more natural beauty, and perhaps most important, far better fishing and shooting.

He had a circle of good friends: Arthur Oglesby, Fred Buller, Bill Arnold – many of the top names in the field.

But perhaps best of all, a woman who truly loved him. The simple and beautiful country girl Kathleen Armstrong, who stood by him through all his hell-raising and nonsense. Chris Newton’s book is a remarkably interesting portrait and a fine read.

Reviewed by Garrett

Red Barron (The Life and Death of an Ace) by Peter Kilduff

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This book has just arrived at the library.

It’s nice to open a brand new book particularly when it concerns such a worthy subject.

Manfried Freiherr von Richthofen, in addition to being one of the very greatest of fighter pilots, was also a particularly fine man, an avid aviator and hunter, and one with a sense of duty, comradeship and gallantry.

The author seems to have an almost obsessional knowledge of his subject.

Kilduff’s knowledge of World War 1 aviation seems to come under this category.

The book is the most up to date reference on the life and times of the Red Baron. It is the culmination of nearly five decades of research.

The result is a beautifully presented and documented piece of work and an extraordinarily good read.

Reviewed by Garrett

Gathering in the Garden by Shelley Shaw and Elaine Husband

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image - book cover

A lovely little book full of ideas and themes for outdoor garden parties and picnics.

With the long hot summer’s days we’ve had this book is a goldmine of recipes and games to add to any outdoor gathering.

Included in this collection are many of the authors own wonderful art works.

Reviewed By Janine

Charles Darwin turns 200 this month!

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image - charles darwin at Dunedin Public LibrariesCharles Robert Darwin (1809-82) was an English naturalist who has had an enormous influence on current scientific, and especially evolutionary, thinking.

2009 is the 200 year anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin (12 February 1809) and 150 years since the publication of the ground-breaking work “On the origin of species: by means of natural selection, or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life” (24 November 1859).

We’ve published a page on our website that features some of the Darwin resources available to you – follow the link below..

A Pinch of Salt celebrating New Zealand food – Paul Jobin

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image - book cover

If you have watched Paul Jobin of Food television fame and enjoyed his recipes then you will love his new cookbook.

Filled with lovely New Zealand food, these recipes will tempt your taste buds and the pictures will make your mouth water.

Reviewed by Dianne

Leading Academic Convenes Montana New Zealand Book Awards 2009

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image - mark willams

image - jane westawayimage - margo whiteA senior academic will lead the judging panel in the country’s most prestigious book awards this year.

Mark Williams, author and professor of English at Victoria University will judge the 2009 Montana New Zealand Book Awards together with award-winning writer, reviewer and editor, Jane Westaway and literary critic, journalist and editor, Margo White.

This year’s judging panel say the field is rich with established and new writers and there is an especially large number of beautifully produced books to consider.

‘We are looking for excellence across the whole range of New Zealand books dealing with subjects as various as art, cooking, war, gardening, and gay lifestyles.

‘With around 215 books to read and 15 separate prizes to award, we have full reading schedules. We are advised by experts in each of the eight main categories: fiction, poetry, history, biography, reference and anthology, lifestyle and contemporary culture, illustrative, and environment…The judges’ responsibilities are collective and we shall all read and, together with our advisors, debate our judgments across the whole range of books submitted,’ says convenor, Mark Williams.

In selecting finalists and winners, judges take into account each book’s enduring literary merit and overall authorship; quality of illustration and graphic presentation; production values, general design and the standard of editing and the impact of the book on the community, with emphasis on issues such as quality, topicality, public interest, entertainment, cultural and educational values and life span of the book.

The 2009 Montana New Zealand Book Awards category advisors are:

  • Fiction: Tina Shaw is a novelist, short story writer, editor and reviewer
  • Poetry: Bernadette Hall is an award-winning poet, essayist, editor, reviewer and creative writing tutor.
  • Biography: Philip Norman is a freelance composer, author and biography category winner (2007) in the Montana New Zealand Book Awards.
  • Environment: Geoff Chapple is a writer, editor, former Montana New Zealand Book Awards judge and former winner of the award’s environment category.
  • Reference and Anthology: Anna Rogers is a freelance book editor and writer.
  • History: Tim Beaglehole Emeritus Professor, MA PhD. Chancellor, Victoria University and published writer.
  • Lifestyle and Contemporary Culture: Charmian Smith is feature writer and food and wine editor at the Otago Daily Times.
  • Illustrative: Dr T L Rodney Wilson is recently retired director of the Auckland War Memorial Museum and a former Montana New Zealand Book Awards judge.
  • Te Reo Advisor: Hone Apanui is a widely respected Maori linguist, teacher and publisher.

The skills and experience of the panel and category advisors ensures the judging of the 13th Montana New Zealand Book Awards will be robust.

This year’s finalists will be announced on Tuesday, 2 June.

The winners will be announced at a gala dinner held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum on Monday 27 July.

The winner of the poetry category will be announced on Montana Poetry Day, Friday 24 July.

Source: Media Release – Montana Book Awards

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