Red leather diary: reclaiming a life through the pages of a lost journal by Lily Koppel

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New York Times journalist Lily Koppel discovers a dumpster full of old suitcases outside her apartment block.  One of the treasures she uncovers is an old ‘red leather diary’.

The leather of the diary turns to dust in her hands as she opens the book. Inside she notices a name.

Florence Wolfson was fourteen when she began keeping her diary.  For five years from 1929 to 1934 she didn’t miss an entry.

As the daughter of a successful medical practitioner she lived a life of wealth and privilege.  She spent her evenings at the theater, weekends at the art galleries and museums and went horse riding in Central Park in the mornings before school.  At nineteen she traveled solo around Europe.  For her the Great Depression didn’t exist.

We are introduced a remarkable and talented young writer who vividly brings the glamorous New York of the early twentieth century to life.

Lily Koppel was fascinated by what might have happened to the girl in the diary and successfully tracks down Florence Wolfson (now 90) and reunites her with the diary.

This book is a result of this wonderful reunion, it’s an absolute delight and you won’t be able to put it down.

Library Mix – October 13 2009

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Here’s the latest episode of our radio show now available online.

You can download past episodes of the show from our library website.

image - library mix logo

Children’s Choice – October 2009 Issue

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image - childrens choice oct 2009 cover

The latest issue of Children’s Choice has been published and contains a good list of books for kids spanning fiction, non-fiction, picture books as well as news updates from staff working in the children’s area.

Head over to our library website to read the latest issue.

Global Day of Action on Climate Change: 24 October 2009

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Join me at

Global Day of Action on Climate Change: 24 October 2009

Scientists have identified 350 parts per million as the crucial safe upper level of CO2 in the atmosphere.

World environment ministers and officials are meeting in Copenhagen in December, to negotiate a new global climate treaty.

The current treaty on the table doesn’t plan to cut emissions to the 350 level. To highlight the importance of cutting emissions further, the Global Day of Action on Climate Change is hoping to concentrate world opinion through the internet on 24th October 2009.

There are events planned for this day all over the world, to draw attention to climate change, urge people to take personal action to reduce their own carbon footprint, show the solidarity of like-minded people, and hopefully cause meaningful political change.

To find out more check out these websites:

Dunedin Public Libraries have many books on climate change and sustainability.

For a catalogue search try the following subject headings:

  • climatic changes
  • global warming
  • global environmental change
  • greenhouse effect
  • greenhouse gas mitigation
  • energy conservation
  • sustainable living
  • sustainable development
  • energy conservation

Recommended reading list:

  • Bill McKibben – The end of nature
  • David Suzuki – Good news for a change: hope for a troubled planet
  • George Monbiot – Heat: how to stop the planet from burning
  • Barbara Kingsolver – Animal, vegetable, miracle: our year of seasonal eating.
  • Alex Steffen – Worldchanging: a user’s guide for the 21st century.
  • Ross Gelbspan – Boiling point: how politicians, big oil and coal, journalists, and activists have fueled the climate crisis – and what we can do about it.
  • Vandana Shiva – Stolen harvest: the hijacking of the global food supply.
  • Fred Pearce – When the rivers run dry: what happens when our water runs out?
  • Gareth Morgan(NZ) – Poles apart: beyond the shouting, who’s right about climate change?
  • Thomas Friedman – Hot, flat and crowded: why the world needs a green revolution, and how we can renew our global future.
  • Mark Bowen – Censoring science: inside the political attack on Dr. James Hansen and the truth of global warming.
  • Gwynne Dyer – Climate wars
  • Tim Flannery – The weather makers: the history and future impact of climate change.
  • Rachel Carson – Silent Spring


  • An inconvenient truth – Former Vice President Al Gore explains the facts of global warming and presents arguments that the dangers of global warning have reached the level of crisis.
  • The Corporation. – A documentary by Director Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan.
  • Based on the book: The Corporation: the pathological pursuit of profit and power by Joel Bakan. – Examines the far-reaching repercussions of the corporation’s increasing dominance in the world. Features illuminating interviews with Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Howard Zinn and many others.


Dunedin Public Libraries Databases:

Use keyword searches such as: climate change, environmental issues

Stack Trek (City Library) – September 26th 2009

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To go where few borrowers have been before.

Visit the City Library’s basement area for an opportunity to browse the Fiction collections in the basement yourself.

Find an old favourite, or discover a completely new author! Join us.

  • Saturday September 26th, 1:00pm
  • City Library
  • Free

NHNZ Film Screening – The Most Extreme: Odd Couples – August 6th

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Image - Odd Couples Banner

Opposites may attract, but for some species their perfect match is also their mortal enemy.

See how these incredible animal partnerships stack up against some strange human teams.

From Romulus and Remus, babies raised by wolves, to modern examples of police pigs, seeing-eye horses and a man who has actually taught birds to fly!

  • Thursday 6 August 10.30am & 5.30pm
  • 4th Floor
  • City Library
  • Free

July 2009 Issue of NB now available

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image - nb july 2009Read all about the latest library happenings and more.. in our shiny new 5th issue of our library publication.

Featured Non-Fiction Titles

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image - book coverOur website has been updated with a new selection of general titles recently added to the Non-Fiction Collection.

Great news !! 50 cent rentals to be abolished from July 1st 2009

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From July 1st 2009 all books and magazines that currently cost 50 cents to borrow will be available at no charge.

We’ve prepared a frequently asked questions page that contains the info you will want to know.

Changes to Fiction Collections at City Library – July 1st 2009

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From the 1st of July the City Library will be changing the arrangement of the Fiction Collections.

The Romance Collection is being expanded to include Chick Lit and Family Sagas.

What was Free Fiction will be changed to Classic Fiction and Contemporary Fiction.

Classic Fiction will include the traditional classics such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and Virginia Woolf; also Cult Fiction such as Anthony Burgess and Jack Kerouac; and Booker and Pulitzer prize winners which are still popular eg The god of small things by Arundhati Roy.

Long standing New Zealand authors are also in this category eg. Janet Frame, Katherine Mansfield and Maurice Shadbolt.

All other Free Fiction published in the last 10 years will be in Contemporary Fiction.

When Fiction is about 10 years old it is either changed to Upper Basement fiction stack or, if still popular, to Classic Fiction.

Mysteries and Thrillers, Science Fiction and Fantasy, and Short Story Collections remain the same.

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