Where The Wild Things Are DVD

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I grew up with the book this movie is based on, in fact I still have it sitting on a bookshelf at home, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Would it be a true representation of the book, or would it take some liberties – as movies sometimes do (to keep us interested?)  And would the murmuring I had heard be true – was Max really being portrayed as a hyperactive, annoying, badly behaved child?

But tried to put any pre-conceived ideas out the window, and I’m glad I did – I really enjoyed the 97 minutes I spent watching it!

Max was definitely a naughty kid – and this was perhaps a bit over-emphasised – but I couldn’t help but look at him and see a normal, imaginative boy underneath the costume.

However on the whole the movie was as close to the book version as it could get and the parts that did change (particularly the fact that Max runs away, instead of simply being shut in his room and imagining the world away) were very well adapted.

I loved the fact that you could find little similarities between the real world and the imaginary lands – the big balls of sticks, the model city and more and more each time I looked.  Even some of the sayings echoed each other, particularly the line “You’re out of control!” which is said by Max’s Mum to him, Max to Carol and KW to Carol.

The soundtrack to the movie was a high point for me, it really tied the whole thing together and gave context to the scenes.

I loved the fact that it was actually quite believable – even though it wasn’t realistic – and I could lose myself in it.

The only bit I found utterly irritating was Max’s teacher, near the start of the movie, who told the children the world would end!  And I must admit to having tears in my eyes near the end, but I won’t say much more – don’t want to spoil things for anyone!

This is admittedly an adults view on a children’s movie, but I think it would be enjoyed by young and old alike (although maybe not too young.)

Make sure you check out the Special Features too – I wouldn’t normally comment on them, but these ones are quite enjoyable to watch.


Check and see if it’s available at the moment here.  See if we have any other items relating to this title available at the moment here.

Reviewed by Joy

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