Topp Twins – Untouchable Girls

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I remember going to my first Topp Twins concert at the James Theatre in Wellington back in 1992. I was reluctantly dragged along by my friends, thinking at the time ‘what the heck do I want to go and see this show for’.  At the end of the show I walked out suffering with a sore face from laughing so much – from then on I was hooked.

The Topp Twins are cultural icons in New Zealand entertainment. For the last few decades they have entertained us with street busking, television shows, books, live shows and now to top it all off – Topp Twins – Untouchable Girls, a fantastic entertainment documentary that will leave you laughing in the aisles. They have bought us real life characters: The Bowling Ladies, Prue and Dilly Ramsbottom, Ken and Ken, and last but not lest Camp Mother and Camp Leader.

The documentary shows 25 years of New Zealand history. It showcases great footage of protest movements (Maori land occupations, homosexual reform bill and the nuclear-free New Zealand campaign), cultural change, and interviews with well known musicians, comedians and even Helen Clark.  It also shows their personal side with home movies and Jools brush with breast cancer.

It has all been put together with great footage of their shows including clips from their television show: Don’t Adjust Your Twinset 1996-2000. It is a real laugh to also look back at the fashions and trends of times gone by.

They have also always been open about their sexuality and this is also bought into their comedy acts and songs. They have shown that these sorts of things don’t matter and that they can still act and entertain the crowds to much applause and laughter.

This movie broke opening day records for a New Zealand movie, and I think it highlights what it feels like to be a true Kiwi.  I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, just as well as their live shows. I am sure that there are plenty of our library patrons that would also love to watch this fantastic movie of the Topp Twins and New Zealand history.

Reviewed by Shona

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