DCC To Explore Chief Post Office Opportunity

July 23, 2009 at 9:32 am | Posted in City Library, Library_News | 5 Comments

An opportunity to revitalise the Exchange area in Lower Princes Street and explore the possible relocation of the central Moray Place Library is behind the DCC’s confirmed interest in the old Chief Post Office building.

The DCC has signed a joint venture feasibility agreement with the building’s present owners, South Canterbury Finance, to investigate the CPO’s potential.

The study, which is expected to take up to six months to complete, will test the suitability of the building and the site against the demand for new premises for the Library and its future requirements, and has the full support of the Library’s management. It will also identify and evaluate possible uses for the current Library building.

For more info read the full news item on the Dunedin City Council website


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  1. This is very poor timing. The library has had a reasonable amount of renovation lately. What a waste to do all this and then ditch the building.

  2. – why not leave the library where it is , move the offices etc that are in the mall etc to the old post office,( do these need to be central- with so many agencies available ) use the vacated area to extend, ( a walk way can be built to link the areas which could be used to display some art etc.) The parking area can also be extended by moving the dcc fleet else where.
    the council should be embarassed about spending so much money refurbishing the existing library when it is thinking about moving it.

  3. I think the reuse of the old CPO sounds like a good Idea. The library has been in the current location since the early 1980’s. It would be good to put an iconic Dunedin Building to a new use and it may attract more life to that part of Princes Street.

  4. Not really a very good idea. The present location means the library can be accessed during lunch breaks for people working in the main city centre. It will be much harder at the old post office & probably necessitate driving there. With current parking restrictions/extortionate fees this means the library will not be used as much – or is that the intention?

  5. Total waste of time and money. People will stop using the library because of where it will be. Put the money it is going to cost to do this study into something more worthwhile like city roading, health such like. Peter Chin needs his head read if he thinks the people of Dunedin are like lambs who need to be lead around. WE CAN THINK FOR OURSELVES PETER. DON’T MOVE THE LIBRARY.

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