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Congo in the Bronx
A remarkable glimpse behind-the-scenes at the Bronx Zoo as staff count down to opening day at their newest exhibit, the Congo Gorilla Forest.

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes view, this film reveals the ingenious solutions to the challenges faced by the design team, as well as some of the secrets behind the exhibit’s success.

Thursday 9 August – 10.30am & 5.30pm
First Floor – City Library

Return of the Sea Lion
The recolonistation of the Otago Mainland by New Zealand Sea Lions.
By Kyle Beggs & Hannah Smith.

The New Zealand or Hooker’s sea lion, once common on both North and South Islands of New Zealand, was driven from mainland New Zealand beaches first by Maori and then by European sealers. Then in 1993 something wonderful happened. A lone female chose to return and give birth on an Otago beach. This 30-minute documentary outlines the story of the return of this native treasure to our shores.

Saturday 11 August – 2.00pm
4th Floor – City Library

Whetu Rere (The Sea Lion & The Comet)
A heartrending story about a young sea lion.
By Kat Baulu & Alastair Jamieson.

After an absence of nearly 200 years New Zealand (Hooker’s) sea lions have started to breed again on mainland South Island shores. The pioneer and matriarch of this new mainland breeding population is a 20-year-old female known to scientists and locals simply as ‘Mum’. This 30-minute film captures the dramatic story of Mum’s latest pup,and the challenges presented to scientists and conservationists.

Saturday 11 August – 2.30pm
4th Floor – City Library


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